Light will always be an integral part of any home. Light fixtures do not only provide light, they are also stylish accessories, and often a focal point of interior design. If it's time to replace a fixture, or time to highlight your interior design, we can help with suggestions. We can help you with all of your interior and exterior lighting projects.

 Residential Lighting

            We believe that lighting your home is an art. Few people realize that residential lighting impacts your perceptions and moods. If you improve the lighting in a room, you change your feelings about that room, the things that are in it, and your attitude while you are there. Think about it, residential lighting can make you feel more comfortable while in a room where you go to relax, or more energized in a room where you go to be active or work. Also, through raising or lowering the intensity of lighting with dimmers and selective switching, the same room can have a multiplicity of functions and moods.

Outdoor Lighting

            Outdoor lighting adds to the beauty of your property, and provides safety and security. Outdoor lighting also lets you use your outdoor spaces after dark and adds value to your home.

            A well-lit front entrance not only allows you to greet your guests but also identify visitors. Entrance lighting will give your home a warm and welcoming look. It will also assure you that those who wish to enter are safe.

            Outside the garage, we can provide lighting for safety and security. Motion sensor and photocells that turn the lights on at dusk and off at dawn will add to safety, and will also save energy.